Being a smart film shopper


One thing I try to tell people I know that are just getting into film is, shop around for the best price! Don't buy your film at urban outfitters or pay to much for consumer film from the drug store. There's a great big internet out there and it's full of film. Use the tools available to you, sadly a lot of price grabber sites out there only cater to electronics and clothing but not film. I've found the shop search of “Bing” to be the best at clearly showing you pricing unlike google's shopping search. Here is a list of the biggest sellers of film. * B&H Photo Video * Freestyle photo * Adorama * Unique Photo * Photo Warehouse Notable mention FPP Store I'm lucky that four of these seller are near me here in New Jersey so shipping isn't much but I do have to pay taxes. This is something to take into account also, I don't shop from Freestyle Photo sadly because the shipping out weights any cost savings. Since they are located on the west coast. I'd also take note that pricing does tend to go up by season, as of writing this it's the spring season and film prices are much higher then normal. Now if you are an amazon shopper and you wanna keep track of the price fluctuation then CamelCamelCamel is a great site. Type the film your looking for and check out the charts on pricing. Hope this helps those out there that might not have know of these sites and there are plenty more smaller ones but I didn't want to get to carried away. So shop smart so you'll have more money to buy more film!