Coming back to my old

Some say the best friend one can have is the one that you don't speak too for years, but when reunited it's like you've never been apart.

Mirror Selfie

It feels like yesterday that I “quit”, no quit is a strong word. Took a “break” yeah that sounds better, from photography. I think I hit a burn out period piled on top of issues in life, really left me uninspired to continue. I just put my cameras away, took down my darkroom and only occasionally stayed in the loop of film photography through Youtube videos and blogs. Then just recently a long time buddy of mine a photographer as well, started asking me questions about film and processing. I was one of a few from our small network of local photographers that shot film. He'd shoot film a little here and there but decided to go all in recently. Of course I was all about helping those that want to learn film photography. So I decided to dust off the old film camera and get my butt out there again and start burning film, no wasting shooting film lets keep it simple. I decided to start this small blog to document my journey back and to share some knowledge, test out some films and cameras. So I hope those reading this will stick around and enjoy.