FPP Debonair Pinhole

Decided to mod my Plastic Filmtastic Debonair into a pinhole. Funny enough because the lens was to sharp for my liking. I 3D printed the shutter and housing and have the files available here.

The one liked is the newest version that has a square opening as the original design was not wide enough in the front and the opening was visible in the images, as seen above.

The only modification needed to be done to the body is to remove a portion of plastic on the top left (if looking at the camera from the front) with some flush trim cutters. I also used some gaffers tape to cover the two holes on the left side that are used for the hotshoe connection.

The front housing and shutter are printed in three parts and is easily attached to the front of the Debonair via two holes that held the original shutter in place. I just used two M3 16mm long hex bolts and nuts. These were long and you could use shorter ones, I just used what I had laying around.

The debonair does not have a tripod mount which is silly so I made one and glued it on the bottom. I also made one with a magnet for the other side to even things out. The magnet is not strong enough to hold the debonair on a vertical surface but it gives it a bit of weight when siting on a flat surface.

One thing I found with the Debonair is that the plastic inside can scratch your film as it moves over the opening. I used some gaffers tape on the sides to stop this and it works well.

Here are some photos I took with the Pinhole Debonair. It has a nice wide field of view. One con I do have with it is that it is far to light and make it difficult to use hand held, its best used with a tripod. I just put my finger over the opening and slide the shutter open then remove my finger, I then reverse that when closing the shutter this helps stop any camera shake.

These are all scans of 5x7 prints I've made in the darkroom. I used fomapan 100 film and ultrafine glossy paper for the prints.

Here is a small piece of corral on a black backdrop. I'm surprised at the detail in this little homemade pinhole.

Here are some specs of the camera Focal Lenght – 32mm Pinhole diameter – 0.24mm F-Stop – f133 View Angle – 86 degrees